{THE AND} Kid's Edition
{THE AND} Kid's Edition
{THE AND} Kid's Edition
{THE AND} Kid's Edition

{THE AND} Kid's Edition

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Small talk can be big too. This deck features a playful set of 199 questions for the younger ones at home, inspiring creative thought, imagination and empathy. Perfect for kids ages 8-13, this enjoyable deck provides a fun way for kids to engage with parents, teachers and friends! Whether in the car, at school, or around the dinner table, it’s the game they (and you!) won't want to stop playing.


  • Looking to inspire new ideas, creative thought and special bonding moments.
  • Interested in engaging questions for kids.
  • Excited to watch them discover themselves and connect to the world around them in a new way.


    In 2014, we launched an interactive documentary project called {THE AND}.

    The premise was simple: film an emotional conversation between two people as they asked intimate questions, and invite the viewer into their emotional space. Well, it took off. 55 million views later (and an Emmy, nbd), we decided to fully dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of documenting human connection in the digital age.

    Several years later, we’ve filmed over 1000 honest and authentic conversations in 17 places around the world as we continue to collect (and reflect) upon the spectrum of human emotion through {THE AND} and {THE AND} Online, as we create space for vulnerability, openness, and deep listening through dialogue.

    We launched {THE AND} card game as a way to bring {THE AND} experience home. With 199 questions per deck, the cards allow people to easily experience more meaningful connections from literally anywhere.

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