Secret Beach
Secret Beach
Secret Beach

Secret Beach

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    • One of a Kind
    • Dimensions: 6.25 x 11.50 x 11.50 inches
    • Materials: cotton watercolor paper 250gsm, watercolor
    • Light unit included - socket (white) and bulb with a 15 foot cord (white) and plug


    This lamp is a one-of-a-kind light sculpture inspired by the simultaneous desire to have a secluded cove all to yourself with the parasol amenities of the French Riviera. Providing a dappled lighting effect, this light sculpture would enchant a dark hallway leading to a bathroom or inspire vacation sensations in a bright sunroom.


    Care Instructions: Lys von Asta paper light sculptures are designed to bring an artistic glow of warmth into the home. While fully functional as sculptures and sources of light, they are intended to be used as art objects that require attention to placement and care. In order to ensure the lasting integrity of your light sculpture, please make sure they are not exposed to heat or moisture. If dusting is needed, use a feather duster or an air duster.

    Terms and Conditions: All Lys von Asta light sculptures must be operated with an LED bulb ONLY.

     Camila Gaza Manly, owner of Lys von Asta, is not liable for any event or damage that may occur as a result of the use or misuse of any Lys von Asta light sculpture.

    To inquire about a version of this light pendant to be made in a different size or color, email us at

    Lys von Asta light sculptures come with a UL listed medium base socket (white), 2.5 inch warm glow LED bulb, fifteen feet of cord (white), and a Type A (two prong) U.S. style plug. 

    For additional wiring inquires email us at 

    This item ships from Bird & Tale's location in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

    *** this item is not returnable. Much care is invested in the packaging of this light/shade so that it can arrive safely to you. Once the package has been opened, it cannot be returned.