Paradise Lost V

Paradise Lost V

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  • Edition size: 10 
  • Printed on innova soft textured (315 gsm) paper with archival pigment ink. 
  • Print type: Matte
  • Year: 2020

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Paradise Lost is a series of oil paintings that depict the beginning of humankind on earth. Much like the 17th century poem it is named after, these paintings have to do with the fall of man, which in this case, is right from the beginning. In each picture, where it is often a night scene, people are shown bare and dancing while the surrounding wildlife either watches, runs, or participates. A looming snake, or in some cases, a sinister figure walks among the scene, either as a metaphor for the negative impact civilization has in a lush new world, or as the biblical tale of temptation and the devil.  A festive tent is set up, and the figures wear only a party hat (or dunce cap), as they frolic in unassuming acts of freedom and play, completely unaware of the doom that beholds. Paradise Lost is both a celebration of life and a damnation from a biblical point of view. A sardonic sense of humor is not overlooked as the paintings play into the idea that we as people never had a chance – that we were set up to make mistakes and be doomed simply for arriving.

This item ships from the artist's location in Lombard, Illinois.