I Love You Like Screaming
I Love You Like Screaming

I Love You Like Screaming

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  • Year: 2020
  • Dimensions: 5" x 2.75" x 7.5"
  • Materials: Porcelain, glaze, china paint, brokenness, anger, remorse, cautious hope, mending.
  • Description: This sculptural object is unique in that it was created from the broken fragments of a piece that fell apart during the making process. The imagery of butterfly wings, teeth, and the stick and bone like structures that make up the piece were inspired by the expression "Butterflies in my stomach". Which describes feelings of nervousness and unease or the early symptoms of a crush. (Both of which can be exciting and terrifying). This piece also speaks to mending the heart with the fragments that we have.


My work wanders between different constructs of nature as inherently good, inherently evil, and all the delicious messy gray areas in between. This manifests in references to folklore, sacred objects and various codes of iconography. I am particularly focused on the enchanted forest as a queer space outside of the confining structures of society where the strange, secret, and magical occur.

I am interested in themes that complicate the construct that humans are separate from nature; opting to depict entangled imagery. Finding ways to disrupt binary categorizations through a queer folkloric lens.    

 The vocabulary of forms I am using are inspired by reliquaries and ceremonial objects. I am interested in how the sculptural object and its painted surface can play off of each other to create relationships of harmony or dissonance not only within a single piece but within the larger body of work.  

Narrative imagery is codified through symbolism to reflect experiences related to queerness, grief, hope, fear, pleasure, and longing.