Deer Bag
Deer Bag
Deer Bag
Deer Bag
Deer Bag

Deer Bag

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  • Handwoven from 100% hand picked Tule 
  • 12 x 6 x 16 inches
  • Made in Mexico


UNA bags are hand woven with Tule by artisans in Mexico. 

Tule, or cattail is a plant that thrives on the shores of lakes and bodies of water. This material has been used since pre-Hispanic times to make utilitarian objects.

The process of collecting and preparing Tule is laborious and dangerous. This material requires to be transferred from the swampy area where it tends to grow to a dry place. Tulle has to be meticulously dehydrated to still retain a specific humidity. In this process, weather plays an important role. Both humidity and sun are fundamental to the final malleability of this material.

The majesty of the final works hardly lives up to the many hours of work behind them. This is why it is important to UNA and to Bird & Tale to share this story and to give a fair value to these artisanal items.

This item ships from Bird & Tale's location in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

These bags are not returnable. 

If the item is returned due to damages that occurred during shipping, B&T will recommend the maker restore, or replace the item, and B&T will cover shipping costs to/from the studio back to the customer. 

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