Bird & Tale

 Our Mission 

Bird & Tale is an artist run platform founded by Brad Stumpf and Jeffly G. Molina. Our business model runs as both, a curated shop and an incubator of ideas that add beauty to the world. We highlight one of a kind items and made-to-order pieces because it benefits the makers we partner with and our planet.

At Bird & Tale we cherish the meaning and story of the objects we carry. We believe that art can be found in paintings and sculptures, as well as in design objects, and wearable items. We highlight the work of individuals that make our minds, homes, and society more beautiful. 

We aim to play a meaningful role in contemporary culture, and at the core of our mission is the task to inspire consumers to buy from contemporary makers and to appreciate quality over quantity. We understand the depth and complexity of this task and for that reason we make it beautiful.

Our makers are contemporary artists, artisans, and designers. To represent diverse and meaningful voices, our collections rotate. We celebrate local and international makers, many of whom are women and LGBTQ. We also partner with and support older makers who struggle with rapidly changing retail technologies. We represent all our makers non-exclusively so their work can continue to gain visibility in various platforms.

Bird & Tale cares to have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact. For this reason, we nurture a culture of keepsakes, where “things” keep their value and compel us to pass them down through generations.


Our Tale 

Chicago based artists Brad Stumpf and Jeffly G. Molina founded Bird & Tale in 2019. Brad is from St. Louis, Missouri, and Jeffly is from Tachira, Venezuela.

The name Bird & Tale originated from the first items featured in our platform. "Bird" emerged from Brad's whimsical Bird Lamps. "Tale" refers to Jeffly’s paintings and watercolors that carry narratives of hope, love, family, and loss.

In 2020, we began to promote and collaboratively develop prints, wallpapers, clothing, and ceramics with some of the makers we partner with. We select items that stand out for their originality, quality, & sustainability. We feature artworks alongside wearables, objects for the home, and unique gifts.

 The Bird & Tale showroom opened in July of 2021. It is located at  Mana Contemporary Chicago, and it is an extension of Jeffly’s art studio. Each season, we transform our space to highlight work that relates to a specific tale or concept. These themed events are accompanied by a VIP experience where we invite a local musician to perform live for a limited number of guests. Think Tiny Desk meets Concept Shop!

Today Bird & Tale continues to share the tale of many items featured as well as that of their makers.




Drawing by Brad Stumpf created in 2019