Our Tale

In 2019, Chicago based artists Brad Stumpf and Jeffly Gabriela Molina founded Bird & TaleOur company represents and promotes artists, designers, and artisans who create work that stands out for its quality, beauty, and sustainability We believe that to love what one does, should be the requirement to thrive in the contemporary market. Through our shop and events, Bird & Tale's mission is to enhance both, the maker’s and the consumer’s experience. Long story short, we want to add substance and beauty to peoples lives. 
Sharing the same vision, Taylor Hansen Hughes, a New York based curator and wardrobe stylist,  joined the Bird and Tale family 2020. Taylor is Bird & Tale's Fashion Director and Co-Curator. Together, we hope to nurture a culture of keepsakes, where “things” regain value, so much so one is compelled to pass them down through generations

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About Jeffly Gabriela Molina: 

Jeffly Gabriela Molina is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist from Táchira, Venezuela. In 2016, Molina graduated with a Master of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has participated in multiple group and solo exhibitions and has been commissioned for several public sculptures. Her most recent projects include a solo exhibition titled Suspiro at Kavi Gupta and a curatorial collaboration with Stuart & Co Gallery titled As One Speaks to the Stone. In 2019, Molina co-founded, with artist Brad Stumpf, the online platform titled: Bird & Tale. In her artwork, Molina re-stage gestures that are beautiful and absurd in their ability to convey emotion. In her most recent compositions, she collages moments of daily life with poems she wrote. Molina creates images of hope, family, memory, and loss, and her inspiration comes from contemporary life in places she's lived both in Venezuela and the United States.

About Brad Stumpf: 

Brad Stumpf is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Stumpf attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015. As an experienced lighting professional who has worked with Archistoric Products, a Chicago-based lighting company, for over three years, Stumpf's recent work consists of handmade objects that depict lust, love, and expectation with visual poetry. His paintings resemble miniature stage sets by being small in scale and handmade items through paper birds, butterflies, drawings, and notes that add layers of encapsulated thought. 

About Taylor Hansen Hughes:

Taylor Hansen Hughes is a curator, art advisor, and wardrobe stylist based in New York City. Her body of work includes everything from music videos, commercials, print ads, and e-commerce shoots. Hansen Hughes graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Visual and Critical Studies program, where she studied the history, theory, and criticism of both art and fashion. Since graduating with her BA in 2016, she has maintained an independent curatorial practice rooted in advocating for emerging artists, organizing solo and group exhibitions in galleries, project spaces, non-profit venues, and non-traditional art spaces. Clients include Soho House, FX, and Johalla Projects. With ten years in the luxury retail space with companies such as Kate Spade New York, Burberry, and Chicago's gem Ikram, she currently works as a personal stylist and closet curator for private clients in NY, LA, and Chicago. Hansen Hughes has been featured in L'official and Instyle and is currently represented by Distinct Artists for commercial and editorial styling. Her passion for telling compelling stories, paired with her drive to provide emerging artists and designers platforms for their vision, is the foundation on which she has continued to build her career.