Friends & Partners


The Chicago-based duo that creates genre blending music rooted in vocal harmony and storytelling. Their sound explores sonic realms that include piano, cello, guitar, and violin, with lyrics that address topics such as death, beginnings, endings, and the liminal in between (we are all students of nature and time). Their forthcoming project muses upon the nonlinear, time insensitive process of moving through grief. With this duo, music is a tool for cathartic expression and a key to deeper understanding of both personal and shared experience. 


La Paula Herrera is a musician from Chile living in Chicago. Paula takes inspiration from the folkloric root of the Southern Cone. Her music is written in a Spanish poetic language - mixing South American roots, pop, jazz harmonies, latin beats and indie sounds.

In February 2013 she won the Silver Gaviota for the best song in the Viña Festival in the folk competition.  



Bird & Tale began a partnership with the Driehaus Museum in 2021. A selection of works by our Chicago makers can be viewed and purchase in a private room adjacent to the gift shop. 

The Richard Driehaus Museum is an immersive experience within the restored Samuel Mayo Nickerson Mansion. The house, constructed in 1883, at the height of the gilded age, is now a historic staple of the city of Chicago. The interior is draped and adorned with the most spectacular fixtures, artworks, and finishes that money could by.

The mansions history is juxtaposed beautifully with a new fellowship that began in 2019 . The Driehaus Museum A Tale of Today: Emerging Artists Fellowship highlights the artwork of emerging artists, most of whom are minorities, or are makers who have been historically underrepresented. Their rotating exhibitions are a great addition to your Chicago itinerary. 

They are located at 40 East Erie Street. Be sure to stop by the gift shop and let them know you came to see the Bird & Tale artworks! 



 Bird & Tale's partnership with Offcut took its first steps early in 2022. Their showroom, located at 3951 w. Belden ave., showcases works by Bird & Tale makers alongside works by their makers.

Offcut is a line of furniture and home goods designed and built in Chicago IL.  It was created as an offshoot of a busy custom woodworking shop and its constantly growing collection of extra stuff - piles of beautiful hardwood cutoffs and scrap, semi finished furniture pieces, random cool odds and ends that collect in a shop over 20 years.


An incubator of artistic energy. The center of Chicago's dance history. The Ruth Page Center for the Arts carries forward the mission and vision of its founder, legendary dance icon Ruth Page, to be a platform for developing great artists and connecting them with audiences and community. With a focus on dance as a critical art form, its programming ensures that children and dance artists have a place to train, work and perform at the highest level of excellence.