What Is Bird & Tale?

Bird & Tale houses a curated selection of meaningful contemporary art, unique objects, garments, jewelry, and accessories created for you by a diverse group of emerging artists and designers internationally.

About our Platform:

Bird and Tale’s online store features 7 sections.

  1. Artist Closet: showcases one of a kind artworks made by contemporary artists. The Artist Closet features work that is available for purchase through our website and B&T curated exhibitions.
  2. Series & Editions: focuses on fine art objects and objects of function that are made in series, or editions.
  3. Fashion: wearable garments, accessories and jewelry, focussing on one of ones, small-batch production & custom pieces produced ethically and sustainably. 
  4. The Gift Shop features a curated selection of candles, soaps, scarves, and other artisanal objects. 
  5. The Kid's Room: Anything in our inventory that is adequate to a kid's room lives in this section like toys, lamps, kid's furniture, and art.
  6. Flowers: select ateliers use unique and novelty blooms to design beautiful weddings and events. We also offer to deliver local and seasonal blooms to adorn a space, or to celebrate loved ones.
  7. Memento: this section is home to the work of artist Selva Aparicio. She offers a selection of handmade urns and memorials to honor a passing loved one. Memento also offers the purchase of commissioning an artwork that memorializes an extraordinary life event such as a wedding.

We complement our platform with Facebook and Instagram storefronts. Bird & Tale also partners with shops and galleries to create pop-ups and to maximize exposure and sales.

What Are Bird & Tale’s Goals?

  • To offer objects of beauty, poetic, and original. To be recognized for the talent showcased in our platform.
  • To extend and enhance our partnering artists and designers online presence in order to maximize their sales.
  • To showcase a unique and engaging selection that compels people from a wide range of incomes to buy.
  • To provide art consulting services to hospitality groups, corporations, and private collectors.
  • To become a network - a bridge - between customers, galleries, retailer shops, and partnering artists and designers.
  • To persuade and inspire the contemporary consumer to buy with sense and to raise their standards of quality and excellence in terms of art, design objects, fashion, and more.

What are Bird & Tale's values in regards to diversity?

We partner with creatives who make beautiful, meaningful, contemporary art, objects, and garments. In our selection process, we do not check a person's race, gender, age, religion, or identity. Bird & Tale is all-inclusive. We use our platform to educate ourselves and others about the beauty contained in diversity because diverse voices inspire us, and while we do not favor any race, gender, religion... we do favor art, objects, and garments that carry a uniqueness defined by meaning and love. In that sense, we learned that the more diverse our partnerships, the more uniqueness Bird & Tale will exhibit, nurture, and sustain.

Join Us!

Follow our submission guidelines and we will get back to you within a few days. We look for art, objects, garments, and accessories that are beautiful, poetic, and original. Our range is constantly expanding, and it varies from one-of-a-kind artworks, to t-shirts, and objects of function like the Bird Lamp.

With love,

Jeffly Molina and Brad Stumpf