What is Bird & Tale?

Bird & Tale is meaningful things that fill with awe and inspire. We are a gallery, a curated shop, and an incubator of beautiful ideas.

We develop some of the items we feature as well as promote the work of other makers that we partner with. Bird & Tale is a lover of originality, quality, and sustainability.

Our showroom in Chicago presents themed events that celebrate local and international makers.


Who are the Makers?

The word maker encompasses every artist, artisan, and designer whose work we showcase. Some of the makers we partner with choose to use their brand name.

Founders Bradley Stumpf and Jeffly Gabriela Molina are themselves makers of many items featured in our collections.

Bird & Tale represents artists, artisans, and designers on a non-exclusive basis.


Where is Bird & Tale located?

Our address is 2233 S. Throop St. Unit #610 Chicago IL, 60608. 

The Bird & Tale showroom is located in Mana Contemporary Chicago. The former Commonwealth Edison warehouse and tower is home to a rapidly expanding art center that houses exhibition spaces, a central cafe, and dozens of artists studios. The Bird & Tale showroom is currently an extension of Molina’s art studio.


When is Bird & Tale open?

Bird & Tale is always open. We only request a 24 hr in advance appointment to prepare a VIP showroom experience for our guests.


What Does Bird & Tale offer?

Bird and Tale offers a rotating selection of art and art objects alongside things wearable and functional. Bird & Tale has developed 3 departments, two of which are further divided into various sections. All of The Bird & Tale sections feature items that are available for purchase through our site, in our showroom, and at B&T curated events. 


The Bird & Tale Departments:


Art + Design: this department is currently divided into 6 sections.

  1. Artworks: one of a kind artworks made by local and international contemporary artists. 
  2. Limited Editions: artworks made in limited editions as in the case of giclees and digital artworks.
  3. Functional Sculpture: one of a kind and reproducible artworks with a function like the Bird Lamps created by Brad Stumpf  
  4. Ceramics: functional objects made of porcelain or ceramic, such as vases, plates, cups, and mugs. 
  5. Wallpaper: a collection developed in collaboration with Bird & Tale Makers and Twenty2 for residential and commercial spaces.
  6. Pet Portraits: commission-based portraits by artist Mark Krisco. 


Wearables: this department is currently divided into 4 sections.

  1. Jewelry: ready made, one of a kind, and bespoke wearable pieces created by jewelry makers internationally. 
  2. Accessories: focused on small-batch luxury items, such as handmade bags, silk scarves, hats, etc.
  3. Garments: ready to wear and made to order pieces produced ethically and sustainably by local and international designers.
  4. Tees: a hand-printed tees designed by Bird & Tale makers. 


The Gift Shop:

Presents a rotating selection of art objects, games, poetry books, jewelry, accessories, and artisanal items like soaps and candles. 


Who Founded Bird & Tale?

Chicago based interdisciplinary artists Brad Stumpf and Jeffly Gabriela Molina. Brad is from St. Louis, Missouri, and Jeffly is from Tachira, Venezuela. Both artists attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have participated in many exhibitions. To learn more about our story visit Our Tale section on our site. 


What Are Bird & Tale’s Goals?

  • To play a meaningful role in supporting the excellent work our makers do. 
  • To increase the marketability of contemporary art, art objects, and wearables made ethically and sustainably.
  • To inspire customers from a wide range of incomes to invest in the purchase of quality items made by contemporary makers.


What are Bird & Tale's values in regards to diversity?

We partner with creatives who make beautiful, meaningful, contemporary art, objects, and garments. In our selection process, we do not check a person's race, gender, age, religion, or identity. Bird & Tale is all-inclusive. We use our platform to educate ourselves and others about the beauty contained in diversity because diverse voices inspire us, and while we do not favor any race, gender, religion... we do favor art, objects, and garments that carry a uniqueness defined by meaning and love. In that sense, we learned that the more diverse our partnerships, the more unique and beautiful Bird & Tale becomes. 


For any other questions, email info@birdandtale.com