Each season the Bird & Tale Showroom presents a themed installation. We transform our showroom in order to highlight work that relates to a specific tale or concept. Our current theme is Colibrí, the word for hummingbird in spanish.

The Bird & Tale showroom features an eclectic and ever growing selection of items that include contemporary art, wallpaper, fashion garments, accessories, and unique gifts created by local and international makers.

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Now Presenting:


 Bird & Tale and Friends Celebrate: Anniversary SALE - Invite designed by Morgan Garleff

Saturday, December 3, 11 AM - 5 PM

Join us in celebrating our second anniversary and the last couple of weeks of Bird & Tale! We have invited our friends Auker - one of Chicago’s top curated vintage shops - as well as designers Andrea Reynders and Gillion Carrara to host the most whimsical holiday SALE! Shop for unique presents, as well as art, ceramics, new and vintage garments, jewelry, hats, accessories, and so much more.

Beverages and delicious cake will be offered to guests.


Previous Events:


Colibrí - Invite designed by Morgan Garleff

The Mayans gifted us a Hummingbird tale about the creation of the world and life. When gods created the world, they gave each living being a specific task. When they distributed all tasks, they noticed that no one had been given the mission to carry dreams and thoughts from one place to another.

The gods realized that the material to create life had run out, so they took a jade stone and carved a beautiful arrow. With a divine breath, it transformed into a hummingbird. Men tried to hunt it to adorn themselves with its feathers, but the gods' design was to forbid its capture. The gods had given the most noble of tasks to the most beautiful of birds.

This Bird & Tale presentation is filled with magic, fantasy, and romance. It is about the stuff dreams are made of, and how wonderful it is to share them. 

This presentation will run through Sept 24, 2022




The Color & Shape of Flowers - Invite designed by Wendy Robles

Bird & Tale celebrates spring 2022 with a curated exhibition of artists, designers, and artisans whose work lends meaning to the beauty of flowers. This Bird & Tale presentation emphasizes the cyclical nature of life, the sweetness of spring, romance, and our desire to capture the color and shape of flowers forever.

This presentation closed on June 1, 2022



Prelude to Light - Invite designed by Morgan Garleff

To celebrate our first anniversary, Bird & Tale presented Prelude to Light in November of 2021. This event took place in our showroom and featured the work of 45+ artists, designers, and artisans. 


The Bird & Tale Showroom Opening - Invite designed by Morgan Garleff

Bird & Tale celebrated the opening of its 1st showroom in summer of 2021 in Mana Contemporary Chicago. The Bird & Tale showroom is located on the 6th floor and is an extension of Jeffly Gabriela Molina's studio. 



Summer Soiree - Invite designed by Morgan Galeff

Bird & Tale's 1st in person event in Chicago! This event took place in what became our permanent showroom. This was the first in a series of curated events Bird & Tale has produced.