Sarah Jane Hender


    Sarah Jane Hender's work covers a multidisciplinary approach, which utilizes various materials within contemporary themes, such as - what it is to be a woman, femininity and what this means in today’s culture.

    These portraits, much the same way as the genres of Vaporwave and Plunderphonics try to capture or revitalize memories. The portraits depicted are not meant to be realistic depictions but rather, a hybrid of cultural imagery, real or imagined. Due to this ability of seeking and plundering images, I am fascinated by a world by which this new generation has no unique vision, it’s all been seen, felt experienced in some capacity, either through music, video games, fashion, Instagram and Netflix.

    The portraits I paint are felt by me in some way, there is a history with them. I try to relive emotions whilst I paint, whether through listening to their music made whilst in the throes of restructuring this face on paper, watching film clips, or researching elements of the lives they lived. There is a love for them to some degree, a loss of time past and my own mortality as well as there’s. Most of the people I have painted have died, are extremely beautiful in an almost unreal way, have felt huge amounts of loss, trauma, addiction and complexities of creativity - the human condition is at its roots within these works.


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    10 products