Misao Iwamoto


    After obtaining a B.A. in Literature in Japan, Misao Iwamoto moved to Belgium where she studied visual arts and graphic design. She is a graphic designer, a drawing tutor, but primarily an illustrator. She most often uses graphite pencils to achieve her extremely delicate visual storytelling. She lives and works in a little town in Flanders, Belgium.

    I love listening to people’s stories. Small anecdotes, life-changing events, happy memories, tears, fears, laughter, secrets, regrets, repressed emotions... Narratives of people from all walks of life. I capture those stories in my drawing to look them closer for a little while, as eventually they all will be lost. Stories come and go. People die. That fact makes me see some uncertainty, helplessness or powerlessness in all those accounts and that is the mood I create in my work. It is not grief that I represent but acceptance and embrace of our fragility.


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    5 products