Kristian Bruce


      Kristian Alanson Bruce is a London-based artist from the U.S.

    Recently, I've been combining multiple canvases or images into a single work of art, but without the single homogenized field and size that has historically dictated the practice of diptychs and triptychs. These groupings of paintings are a relationship of parts that refer to my interest in the inherent separation of language. By having a word or label for something, it becomes separated from everything else. Individual elements or canvases become parts of a larger whole, like a word in a longer sentence. The meaning of one section is not contained but comes from the interconnectedness of various components that are spread-out and jumbled across multiple fields.

    The differences between the visual and the verbal disappear as images act like words and words act like images in their communicative practices and potentials. The subsequent arrangements reference the plasticity of communication and the desire to comprehend, to make sense, to compress multiple moments into a single situation.


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