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    Katia Lifshin is a Ukraine born Israeli artist, currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. She focuses mostly on oil painting, drawing and Cyanotype prints. She relocated to the U.S in 2012, studied painting and sculpting in Pima College, Tucson, Arizona. She held her first solo exhibition in (9)Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona in 2017, and participated in groups shows across the U.S and Israel, among them Manifest Gallery, Ohio, Limner Gallery, NY, and Hacubia salon ,Jerusalem. Since returning to Israel in 2018, she continues to work and live in Tel Aviv. In her current series of works, Katia uses old photographs as inspiration to her work, and paints them as colorful paintings.

    Artist statement 

    In my current series of works, I use old monochromatic photographs as my guide and inspiration. Photography is one of the means to save and treasure a memory, memory on the other hand is ambiguous and deceptive, it constantly transforms and takes new shapes. Relying on photography to capture a moment creates a fragmented piece of it, open for interpretation. I use this opening to create new meaning for the old photographs, and recast them as colorful oil paintings. I collect the photos from flea markets and old family albums, usually with little or no information about the people I paint. I enjoy imagining, or reinventing who they are, and often I will modify details in the photographs to match my own narrative, intertwining the vintage scenes with my own experiences and emotions. 



    Young Girl with Flowers, image courtesy of the artist.

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