Kaitlin Smrcina


    Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kaitlin Smrcina lives and works in Urbana, Illinois. She received her BFA in December 2015 from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago focusing in Ceramics, Sculpture, and Fiber Arts and Material Studies. Smrcina has worked as, an intern for Carol Jackson, 2014 Whitney Biennial artist, to help prepare for solo show “High Plains Drifter,” at Threewalls gallery in Chicago, an assistant curator and studio manager for the Skragghole Collective gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a production assistant, and assistant stage manager for Redtwist Theatre in Chicago. Kaitlin works with non-functional forms that strive to simplify fine art sculptures in a satirical way, making art objects more visually accessible and appealing to any audience. She holds curiosities for religious iconography and obsession, using repetition as a ritual to parodize orthodox, often condescending, sculptural styles and imagery. Applying “bad but good” graphics, kitsch, and methodology similar to children’s books, she translates still life traditions to be mockingly self explanatory. Using recurring subjects of consumer goods and fetishized symbols, she puts an “idol-like” importance on capitalistic adornments. 



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    5 products