Johanna Seidel



    B.1993, Sebnitz, Germany

    Lives and works in Dresden, Germany

    2014 - 2021 Studies of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden,

    studios of Peter Bömmels, Anton Henning and Anne Neukamp

    2017 - 2018 Semester in exchange at the École nationale superieure     des Beaux-Arts Paris, studio of James Rielly 

    2021 Diploma

    Exhibitions( selection ) in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Paris



    In my artistic work I deal with the nature of perceived realities. I approach these by means of a poetic visual language, in which symbols from history, mythology and dreams mix with the everyday and the personal. The canvas offers me the space in which I can freely create references and develop narratives, constantly searching for the balance between realistic and naive figuration. From the painting itself, I thus develop stories and still images that exist in an atmospheric space, condensing memories into abstract moments that become universally accessible and experiential here.



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    3 products