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    Emilee G. French Klippert was born in Overland Park, Kansas and spent her formative years in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated in 2020 from Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois with a BFA in Studio Art. Currently, Klippert paints and lives in Lodi, California. Her background in painting, drawing, and literature have all coalesced into Klippert's painting practice. She has had solo and group exhibitions in places such as the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, as well as the Sims Gallery and the Victorian House Gallery in Bourbonnais, Illinois.   


    Loneliness is ever-looming in the present day 2020. What was supposed to be a year for the visionaries is now the foggiest year many have experienced. At a loss, many artists, including Emilee G. French Klippert, stare at blank canvases wondering where to start. 

    Although printed before the Coronavirus, the Gardens series causes Klippert to reflect on where her artistic disciplines might go from here. The Gardens series is all about renewal through the connection each person has to another. The Coronavirus has taken many things. It has taken physicality, it has taken companionship, it has taken the health of the world. However, one thing it has not taken is the way one person needs another. Every person is constructed of the sum of all the lives impacted by this tragedy, the unique and differing stories fold into one heartbreaking narrative because one human is nothing without the next.

    Klippert traditionally works with paint, but this series prompted her to try something new. Carefully carved in continuous lines, each unique print is a product of the same block, but never quite the same as the one before it. This reflects the essence of humanity -- all people are born into the same world but have an unending array of different experiences and hardships and joys. This does not mean they are disconnected, however. Humanity is more connected now than ever, sharing a similar experience of fear of a virus taking the lives of so, so many. But, if people can be connected through fear, then they can also be connected through hope. These prints have become to Klippert an expectation -- a promise that in these times, people will choose each other, and come out the better for it.   



    Emilee French, Change the Past (Fragmented Memory)

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