Chris Capoyianes


A horned figure with menacing grin and pronged tail struts and preens upon a stage. A snake slithers through the boughs of an apple tree. Two hounds guard a threshold. Tales of yore yield rich subject matter for Chicago-based artist Chris Capoyianes. God, the Devil and the characters from Holy Scriptures are common figures in his artworks. Chris revisits the stories from his Catholic youth, not without a sardonic sense of humour, to plumb the metaphorical scope of these archetypes for today’s world. Chris often locates these figures within carnivalesque settings, heightening the drama of the scenes but also calling attention to the performativity of narrative and the interplay between real and imagined. Working primarily in monochrome, his work has a strong graphic quality that plays into the seeming duality of the subject matter: light, dark, good, evil, foreground, shadow.

-ArtMaze Magazine, 2019 



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8 products