Caleb Yono


    Caleb M Yono (they/them) is a Chicago-based multi media artist born in 1981.

    Caleb works with figurative images to describe an imaginary world, a speculative fiction of femmes. The Interdimensional Femmes exist as a collection of drawings and photographs that feature high femme protagonist navigating and maintaining a multidimensional universe. Caleb also works with drawings of historical pop icons as with their Judy Garland series or Monsters series. Caleb also makes videos and performances. At the center of Caleb’s work is the desire to express the dissonance and power of the femme. 

    Most of the drawings featured in the B/T collection are from a body of work I loosely title or refer to as “Proto-Femmes” work That I was making in the years leading up to creating The Inter-dimensional Femmes (IDF). In tracing the haunts of the  femme my subject matter shifts, my drawings are responsive to images that exist or those I create. Over the years my daily drawing practice has produced a lot of work and a strange map of the femme. The selected works In the B/T collection represent moments of revelation along the way.


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    17 products