Bri Foster


    Bri Foster is a clothing and costume designer, artist, stylist, and educator based in Montreal, Canada. Her work centers and explores ultra-femininity, through clothing, accessories, and art objects. She works with a wide range of mediums and techniques—from beading and embroidery, to painting and mixed media collage.

    In her latest work, Bri explores the world of dolls—from rag dolls to doll-themed clothing and accessories. Bri makes each piece by hand—from concept to finished work

    As children, we were encouraged to play, to imagine, and to dream. Dolls evoke a nostalgia for childhood's past, and connect us to that playful, creative inner child. They transport us back to a time when our spirits were free, and we expressed ourselves more authentically. Dolls represent both our inner and outer selves—the parts we share with the world, and the parts we keep to ourselves.


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