Alexander Richard Wilson


    Im Alexander Richard Wilson, I am an African American contemporary artist living and working In the Denver metropolitan area, Born and raised in Saint Louis Missouri’s suburbs, (1993), and educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2017), My painting practice references the tonal spaces and time relative depth of American landscapes, and the literal relationships between figurative shapes. Emotionally I work to reference my history as the product of a large, African American family, and my present context as a queer black body in the western complex.

    Upon my move to Denver at large, after the events in the American heartland, due to police violence, and sensations of sameness I felt my body now had with the landscape, both as a person of color, and also as an artifact of racial and social inequity. Rendering the state of Colorado, in this time of climate change and societal denial of the facts therein, suddenly was a far more radical act than I could have ever foreseen. 

    The works presented by myself with Bird & Tale, are calling to the conditions of the western landscape. As Colorado, and the Rockies at large transition from winter to spring, I was working to frame the conditional changes. With attention paid formally to the way the landscape renders itself forwardly, and the lushness with which she makes her return to fertility. The energy of the season’s skies and mountain air was too fresh to go uncaptured.


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